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2019 Sept 7-8 Etching Metals with Dimension and Depth with Bette Barnett

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2019 Sept. 7-8 Sat. Sun. Etching Metals with Dimension and Depth with Bette Barnett


 "Add dimension and visual excitement to your work by learning galvanic etching. In this class, you’ll learn to use etching to create lovely tactile patterns on both sterling silver and steel. We’ll cover the different resists used to create patterns and you’ll have time for hands-on experimentation using an oil paint pen to draw your original etched design and transferring existing designs using laser printed patterns.

We’ll examine etching solutions and provide clear instructions on setting up a power source to generate the electrical current necessary for galvanic acid-free etching to occur. During the class, you’ll have the opportunity to create at least two pieces of etched jewelry as well as etched components to use in further work.

You’ll also learn how to create a textured steel plate that can be used in a rolling mill to create multiple pieces with the same texture. At the end of the class, you’ll have at least one rolling mill plate that you can take with you to use in your own studio. "

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