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2019 Aug. 23,24,25 Under the Tuscan Sun Titanium Bracelet with Robert Lopez

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Aug. 23,24,25, 26 Fri, Sat, Sun... Cost-$517

Cost includes $75 kit fee

Diane Weimer's Studio is bringing in Robert Lopez for a 3-day class on Aug.23,24,25, Fri. Sat, Sun. in Long Beach, CA. from 9-4pm.

Robert Lopez will be bringing the heat with his “Under the Tuscan Sun” bracelet. In this three day workshop you will learn to use new and exciting techniques and materials that will bring your jewelry making skills to a new level.

Day 1: We will cover coloring titanium with the torch, giving it vibrant colors ranging from bronze, magenta, purples, blues, yellow and greens. Robert will teach you how to layer and stack colors using his loosely guarded, top secret coloring resist; allowing you to add colors, designs and patterns only limited by your imagination. The titanium can also be textured and patterned to give it depth and texture. We will then move on to fabricating the components to make a visually striking hinge and accent pieces for the bracelet using fusing techniques.

In this workshop we will cover the benefits of using tarnish resistant Argentium Sterling Silver. Among one of the benefits of Argentium is its ability to fuse together extremely well while holding fine textures.  With practice, one can learn to fuse multiple components together all the while keeping textures that have been applied prior. Fusing multiple joints minimizes the need for solder joints that would eventually show up during oxidation. 

Fusing silver is the ability to walk that fine line between total collapse of a piece and joining the components. Control of the fine nuances is a skill that must be accomplished while fusing Argentium Sterling Silver. This skill can be mastered with practice.  When learning to fuse, one tends to go a little too far and the metals may shrink, warp, bubble or melt a bit. I find that this sometimes adds wonderful textures that I could not repeat if I tried so I have learned to value their contribution to the piece. Contact me at if interested.

 Cost,- $517

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Kit includes:

Titanium  sheets 

Argentium silver sheet

Argentium silver wire 

Argentium silver rivets



Water Casts

Roller printing material