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2019 Sept. 21-22, class -Chasing Repousse' with Liza Nechamkin

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2019 Chasing Repousse' with Liza Nechamkin

All workshops are in Long Beach,CA

Dates: Sept. 21-22, Saturday-Sunday

“Chasing and Repousse

Intensive 2 day"with Liza Nechamkin

Class Description:

Students will gain a working knowledge of chasing through detailed demonstrations, experimentation and different assignments. This class will equip students to further explore chasing with confidence and to fluidly express their own aesthetics through chasing.

 Students will try out a large variety of antique and new chasing tools. We will discuss the functions and limitations of each type of tool.

 Fundamental tool making skills are crucial and will be discussed. We will briefly talk about properly formed chasing tools.

 Several design layout/transfer techniques will be presented and important core chasing techniques will be covered.  We’ll do a test piece for warm up and move on to a final design of your choice. I will provide plenty of clip art tailored for your individual skills and tastes. Your time will be better spent chasing than drawing during this 2 day class.

We will also discuss pitch bowls and hammers, pitch types and compositions, safely working with hot pitch, tips and tricks and how to correctly prepare and fill a pitch bowl.

Images of historic and contemporary chasing will be presented for inspiration.  I encourage you to bring some pictures of your work to share.

 Cost- $299

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