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2019 May 18,19 Sat, Sun. Modifying Tools and Making New Ones with Brad Smith Cost-$275

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May 18,19, 9-4pm


Jewelers need a variety of tools to produce their art. This class will focus on the tools we use and the steel they are made from. Lessons will
include how to modify existing tools to improve quality & productivity and how to work with steel to make new tools from scratch.

Learn how to dress a new tool and polish its surfaces so as to not leave marks on the workpiece. We will modify an inexpensive hammer for use as a texturing tool, turn a dental pick into a scribe, and customize simple
pliers for weaving jump ring chains.

Next the focus will be on on working with steel - cutting it, drilling it, shaping it, hardening it for durability, and tempering it for a long working life. We will use these skills to make several design stamps, a couple matting & texturing tools, and a punch that makes quick work of
setting small faceted accent stones.


Cost- $275

Price includes a $29 kit fee

Contact me at if interested

Contact me at if interested.

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