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2019 July 26,27,28, Fri., Sat, Sun class - Foldforming to Raise a Pleated Bowl with Marne Ryan

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2019 July 26,27,28  Foldforming to Raise a Pleated Bowl with Marne Ryan

All workshops are in Long Beach,CA

Dates: July 26,27,28, Fri.. Sat., Sun.


Foldforming to Raise a Pleated Bowl with Marne Ryan

This is a great workshop from beginners to professionals who want to expand and explore the boundaries of raising metal.

 Bring your hammers, bring your stakes and create darts, single, double, accordion and overlapping pleats in copper.  Drape metal like fabric, using hammers and daps instead of needles and threads. 

Learn pattern making techniques so you may replicate or adapt your designs.

 Students will learn how to ergonomically form vessels using large wooden dapping blocks, cone and regular Delrin mallets and steel daps. They will finish their vessels by centering and planishing it on steel stakes. Turn inexpensive hammers into beautiful texturing tools.

 Make simple to complex vessels with low walls, high walls or asymmetrical walls. Learn how to make lids for your vessels. Play with torch and liver of sulfur patinas


Cost- $490


Toni Federe took this same class at Metals Week 2018.... This is her review... SEE BELOW

"Foldforming to Raise a Pleated Bowl" with Marne Ryan

” sounds a little daunting, I assure you, Marne Ryan’s class is one of the most fun learning experiences I’ve ever had! The number of “AHA” moments that occurred… not just for me, but almost everyone in Marne’s class at Idyllwild in 2018, made me want to do a public happy dance! Seriously, how many times have you taken a multi-day class, learning to use different tools than you have used in the past, (or your well-used tools differently) and never had one single moment of aching or stiffness? Marne teaches how to achieve wonderful results, surprising results, and controlled results while creating the perfect ergonomic setup for YOU! From there, you will learn multiple ways to plan and execute your project as well as adapting things as you alter your plan. A tuck here, a snip there, some heat, repeat…fun, Zen, fulfilling! It was a FIVE STAR experience for me!!! ~ Toni Federe



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