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2020 Feeding the Heart and Soul: Creating Utensils with Pauline Warg. 4-day May 1,2,3,4, 2020 Cost $550

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Feeding the Heart and Soul and Creating Utensils with Pauline Warg. 4 days May 1,2,3,4, 2020. Coming to Diane Weimer's studio in Long Beach, CA.... Cost. $550

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Working with silver and non precious metals, this class will cover an array of methods to construct, forge, and decorate handmade utensils. Forks, chopsticks, tea strainers and MUCH more. Move beyond what is traditionally thought of as flatware to create your own heirlooms! Some techniques covered: Chasing, matting, forging,alternative stone setting, forming cold connections and decorative mixed metals

Utensils may be treasured keepsakes that enrich our lives and transport nourishment to our bodies. The most common of utensils are the fork, knife and spoon. Chopsticks, condiment knives and spoons, sommelier's cups and tea strainers are just a few of the other items that we may use occasionally or everyday to be functional and decorative additions to our traditions of eating and drinking.


This class will cover an array of methods to construct, forge and decorate a wide range of tools to help us feed and imbibe. Chasing, stamping, matting forging, using stone, alternative gems setting, forming, cold connections and some mixed metal techniques will all be covered.


 The class will be able to work with silver and non-precious metals. It is advised that any metal touching food directly (not the handle) be made of silver. Silver has an antimicrobial quality, as it has been proven to destroy bacterial cells. Cool.


I  (Diane Weimer)  took this class at Metals Week and came home and made additional utensils. See multiple images which includes the spoons I made in the class located in the last photo.

Contact me at if interested