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2020 Nov. 7-8 Low Relief Chasing Repousse' with Pauline Warg

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Pauline Warg is coming to Diane Weimer's studio in Long Beach, CA on Nov. 7-8, 2020 to teach Low Relief Chasing Repousse'.  Cost is $345

Low Relief Repousse’with Pauline Warg

 Repousse’ is a metalworking technique where annealed sheet metal is worked in pitch* (or sandbags, lead etc.) stretching the metal gradually into the desired relief design or pattern.  Most typically to achieve a dimensional design, annealed metal is worked with specialized tools from one side then removed annealed and worked from the other side, then back and forth as needed to stretch to dramatic depth.


Low relief repousse’ works the metal primarily from one side, repeatedly.  This technique works very well with delicate smaller designs.  Less depth is achieved than with the deep relief, worked repeatedly from one side to the other. Low relief repousse’ in general is a less labor-intensive way to gain dimensional design to a flat piece of metal, than the deep repousse”.  Repousse’ done on either style lends itself to a very unique hand worked style unlike any other technique.  

*The class will be using red pitch for this process (German red pitch, Saign Charlestein red pitch, Northwest Pitchworks)


Covered in this class will be:

-health and safety

-set up of a pitch bowl and filling with pitch 

-tips on removing the piece from the pitch and replacing after annealing

-explanation of specialized tools for the process

-transfer of designs to metal to be repousse’d

-Hammering and tool manipulation to have success with the process

-finishing techniques, using chasing +/or matting tools

-ways to frame or apply the repousse’d piece to make wearable or completed pieces

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