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2021 VIRTUAL Rings -360 with Tim Lazure March 6-7 Cost- $295

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2021 VIRTUAL Rings -360 with Tim Lazure March 6-7

Adorning the finger has been a tradition for ages.  Rings are loaded with historical meaning.  They can symbolize love /marriages, evoke nostalgia, embody authority or status, and portray accomplishments or affiliations. They can be made for everyday use or for special events. They can be understated or fancifully flamboyant. 

This class will explore jewelry design, fabrication, stone setting, and assembling techniques that are related to the ring concept. We will fashion rings of personal importance, expression, and adornment.  The class will center around lecture and demonstration with plenty of time for individual attention.  We will attempt to create rings that are unpredictable, honest, visually complex, bold, confident, simple and beautiful.


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