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2022 March. 11,12,13,14 Enamel in Bloom with Anne Havel. Cost $550

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2022 March. 11,12,13,14 Enamel in Bloom with Anne Havel

Using a torch (a kiln may also be used but not demonstrated), we will create dimensional enameled copper floral pieces.  Wearable will be the focus but not a necessity.  Equal weight to planning, enameling, and setting your work will be discussed and demonstrated.  Various approaches to setting the enamels will include soldering, use of screws, rivets, tabs, sewing with wire/threads, etc.  Some enameling and metalsmithing experience necessary.


  • Torch safety and how to use available torches (if needed)

  • tip sizes 1,2, and 3 and when each is applicable  (if needed)

  • ways of containing the heat so the enamels will flow (small pieces will flow using various methods)

  • Preparation of metal, including forming, for enameling (if needed)

  • use of liquid, powder, and other enamels and which is best suited for each application

  • different approaches to firing based on the size of the piece

  • under-firing (sugar firing and orange peel), maturity firing, and over-firing, and how to recognize when each is occurring

  • different ways of seeing/thinking/planning for more unusual setting/mounting options

  • planning each step before enameling begins


enable students of enameling to be able to continue to torch-fire at home after the class.

  • Present new information about torch-firing and/or enameling techniques that they may not have in their skill sets.

  • new ways to think about creative settings for pieces

  • Inspire more people to pursue the art of enameling, generate enthusiasm, and increase the dialogue around the art-form, even if they choose to use their skills with a kiln. 

  • Completed piece, that the student can take away (or complete at home) with him/her.

  • Help each student achieve their vision for this project, should they have one.

  • Learn from each other.  Everyone has something to teach.

  • Cost $550

  • Contact me at if interested.