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2021 Water Casting and Broom Casting with Linda Lurcott Feb 21-22 Cost $303 (includes $60 kit fee)

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Water Casting and Broom Casting with Linda Lurcott


Water casting and Broom casting comes to Diane Weimer's studio  on Feb 21-22 in Long Beach, CA for a 2-day workshop with Linda Lurcott.  Cost- $288   (you will leave with most of the materials to do this technique at home,,, bucket, crucible, stainless steel mesh strainer --includes $50  kit fee)

Class description

Water and Broom casting offer a serendipitous technique resulting in truly organic shapes.

In our class we will spend some time pouring our metal.  I suggest sticking with sterling silver, casting grain or scrap. 

Once we have a few pieces of each we can clean them up (pickle, scrub if needed and possibly tumble)..  Then we'll explore design options from our pourings.  Using regular studio equipment we can create some unique pieces as we think about earrings or pendants. The cool part is that no two pieces will be exactly the same. Just like snowflakes or anything in nature the characteristics might be the same yet each piece has its own unique look and appeal!

Water castings turns out like little cups that often resemble a sea shell or nut shape, with a deep enough cavity for an additional element.  I often set a pearl inside the patinated opening. Depending on the weight of silver used the shapes can be small or medium in size.  They make beautiful pendants and earring sets.  These are one of my best selling items.  These are really fun to make as one can see a variety of possibilities once the pieces are collected.  

Broom Casting is a little more daring and somewhat more specific. Daring because the broom really does get burned in the process. So, safety equipment is required.  This is specific in the type of broom/straw and the set up.  So many variables offer a variety of options dependent upon the maker preferences. The shapes that result from broom casting often resemble icicles. I have use broom castings in several ways for pendants, earrings and pins.  Broom castings can be soldered on or to another piece, as well as enameled (fine silver). 

Broom cast pendants often make a unique and stunning statement piece.

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Kit  includes the materials to do the castings like bucket, dowel, crucible, stand, borax, metal spring clamp, mesh strainer .