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2022 August 12,13,14 Hammer Handpiece with Monica Cardone at Diane Weimer's studio in Long Beach CA Cost $350

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Contact is required before registering for this event:

Hammer Handpiece class is coming to Diane Weimer's studio in Long Beach, CA in 2022 on August 12,13,14 from 9-4  with Monica Cardone  Cost $350

 $250 reserves your spot in the class

Contact me at if interested.

Class Description:

Up your bezel game with thicker bezels to give your jewelry designs a higher quality and perceived value. In this class we will be setting several different kinds of stones from standard cabochons to irregular pieces of sea glass or sea stones. We'll be using the Foredom hammer hand piece (and the various tips) setting the stones with a variety of techniques. You will also learn all about the Foredom Hammer Handpiece… learning how to use it, maintain it, and make the most of it.

Students must have solid intermediate skills of sawing, filing, and soldering.

Contact me at if interested.

Tools and Materials list 

18g Fine Silver 1" x 6"  #101918

20g Sterling Silver Sheet 1.5" x 6" 100120

Silver Solder -Hard wire #101704

-Medium solder  #101710

-Easy solder #101100

Scrap sterling to finish the project to your idea- Shank for a ring? Bail for pendant?

3 Stones to bezel set. No more than 1" in any diameter- Can be flat bottom cabochon, sea glass, or seastone

Foredom Flex Shaft

Foredom Hammer Handpiece - H.15D.Standard hammer handpiece

Anvil Point Set

Saw with size 1/0 or 1 blades

Half Round File #2 cut

Half Round Pliers

Chain nose pliers

Needle file set

Sandpaper 400 and 600 grit Sanding sticks 400 and 600 grit

Soldering set up (brick, flux, pickle. (I have this)

Big metal cutters/handshear (for cutting metal) 114250 (I have a shear)

Rawhide hammer (or plastic)

Steel bench block (I have this)

Ring clamp 113105

Thermoloc or Jett Sett Basic for setting stone 118221