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2023 Diane Weimer Studio will bring the CLASPS class with Suzanne Williams Jan.27,28,29, Friday- Sunday, to Long Beach,CA Cost $426, Kit $65

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2023 Jan.27,28,29, Friday- Sunday, CLASPS Suzanne Williams  is coming to Diane Weimer's Studio in Long Beach, CA. Cost $426, Kit $65

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This 3-day workshop will start with a short presentation introducing participants to many different kinds of clasping methods and mechanisms for jewelry including a section on clasp inspirations - ideas coming from non-jewelry sources.

We will then create the following 4 clasp samples in sterling silver: 2 versions of a rotating insert clasp, a basic, and a more complex version of that clasp, a rotating key lock clasp, and an interlocking puzzle clasp. These clasp mechanisms can be modified and incorporated in unique and unusual ways, in innumerable variations, into necklace and in some cases bracelet closures - becoming integrated into the design, or as the main attraction of a jewelry piece.


Clasps don’t have to be an afterthought at the back of a chain. These are clasp mechanisms that are functional, fun, and invite being taken apart and put back together like a puzzle