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Prepare for Covid-19 Protection As Classes Open Up--THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT

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Contact is required before registering for this event:

 Prepare for Covid-19 Protection As Classes Open Up At Diane Weimer's Studio in Long Beach, CA

Classes during COVID-19 in my studio in Long Beach, CA  in 2020 has turned these opportunities on their head. All classes were rescheduled to 2021 with the exception of Pauline Warg’s Low Relief Chasing Repousse in November. (we still have room in that class, contact me if interested). There is so much change in how we do things, where we can go and although sometimes it’s difficult to adhere to all the rules, we must for everyone’s safety

We have been working very hard to try to establish rules and regulations that would make our students feel comfortable to return.

To make you feel comfortable, here are some of the precautions we will institute:

  • Sanitizing stations upon arrival

  • “No touch digital temperature” taking for all students and staff. Questionnaire about Covid-19 contact upon arrival to be filled out.

  • No cloth towels or community aprons on site (bring your own apron well marked, paper towels will be provided)

  • Surfaces will be well cleaned and sanitized before and after each class.

  • You will be asked to sanitized the torch handle and heat gun handle before your use. Sanitizer containers will be plentiful.

  • Wearing of masks and /or face shields by all persons present at all times except while eating lunch (shields will be available for purchase, masks are complimentary as you arrive, or bring your own)

  • Each student will be given sanitized bench pin, Ott light, plastic mat, aluminum tray if needed for taking work and tools to the THREE solder station

  • Students will be required to bring their own tools to class

  • 7 people will be socially distanced in the garage studio, 4 students will be at 2-6 ft tables under an Easy-Up in the driveway. Dress warm as the big door and back door will be opened.

  • No shared food during any class. We will eat lunch at our bench.

If possible and you are willing, we project reopening with the above regulations for one class in November and the 2021 classes starting in February

Feedback welcomed!

Diane Weimer

PS- Big thanks to Pauline Warg for sharing her “take” on precautions during Covid-19

 Assistant Aid will help

  • Set up the studio to ensure a maximum distance between participants.

  • Wipe down all common areas with sanitizer -- door handles, jewelry benches and stools, and bathrooms.

  • Lay out hand sanitizer at entrance and throughout the studio space.

  • Observe the participants to ensure that they are observing social distancing. Stickers will be located on the floor indicating 6ft distance.

  • Continue to wipe down high-touch surfaces throughout the workshop.

  • Encourage frequent hand washing.

  • Set up one-way aisles in common space of studio


  • Should not attend a workshop or open studio if they are sick or have been around anyone with symptoms of Covid 19.

  • Must bring and wear a facemask and agree to wear it at all times in the studio.

  • Must always observe social distancing.

  • Bring drinks and a lunch or snack in a cooling container.

  • While I will have some hand sanitizer, please bring your own hand sanitizer.

  • Bring your own tools.


Big thanks for Pauline Warg as she gave me access to her rules and regulations.