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2021 IN - PERSON-Discovering the Magic of Argentium with Ronda Coryell July 23,24,25,26 Friday- Monday Cost $686


2021 Discovering the Magic of Argentium with Ronda Coryell

4-day , July 23,24,25,26  Friday through Monday


Includes $125 kit fee

In this four-day class, explore the technology and techniques required to work with Argentium Sterling Silver. Master goldsmith and Certified Master Bench Jeweler, Ronda Coryell, will provide expert instruction and close up demos. Students learn the process of fusing both flat and three-dimensional forms. Demonstrations are followed by hands-on experience to create and finish four projects: Keum Boo earrings and three rings.

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2021 IN-PERSON-Imagery on Die Formed Silver - FIVE day class- Sept 17,18,19,20 21 Jayne Redman and Elizabeth Lyne Cost- $990


In Person Imagery on Die Formed Silver class with Jayne Redman and Elizabeth Lyne in a 5-day class.  Happening on Sept 17,18,19, 20, 21.        Cost. $990  (Incl $100 kit fee)

Jayne Redman and Elizabeth Lyne have combined their knowledge in this workshop. Students will learn how to transform their own drawings, photos, or imagery from copyright-free sources into high contrast, black & white images that are ideal for etching.  After etching them onto silver, they will enhance their shapes with forming techniques to give them more dimension. They will create layouts of multiple shapes for etching and make blanking dies to quickly cut them out.

 We will be utilizing a scanner, a computer with image editing software (instructions for Windows & Mac computers provided), and a laser printer to prepare the images.  Students with access to a laptop computer should bring one and can download the free image editing program called Gimp ( 

 Images will be transferred onto silver using PnP circuit board film and a thermal laminator or t-shirt press.  Etching will be performed using cupric nitrate and electricity.  This etching method produces no toxic fumes and the solution can be filtered to recover all of the silver (which can then be melted or sent back to the refiner with your other silver scraps).  After filtering, the solution can be used over and over again. 

 Elizabeth Lyne is inspired by graceful forms and patterns in nature – soft lines and swirls of feathers and fur, flower petals and butterfly wings. She has brought those impressions to her jewelry by expanding on methods of etching to create a unique process. She is able to control and duplicate her results to provide deep texture and detail to make her jewelry come alive.

Jayne Redman is known for her unusual way of working with metal in three dimensions, often using multiples of the same shape to convey a single idea. Using nature as her inspiration she considers combinations of form and function, integrating mechanics with design and applying innovative engineering methods. She has perfected the process of quickly duplicating shapes by cutting them out with blanking dies and then forming those shapes with tools and jigs of her invention.

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IN PERSON The Art of Mokume Gane with Anne Wolf Oct 22,23,24 9-4pm. Friday, Saturday, Sunday doors open at 8:30am COST $478 Includes kit fee $85

Anne Wolf is coming to Diane Weimer's Studio in Long Beach, CA on Oct 22,23,24 9-4,  Fri, Sat Sun. for in person The Art of Mokume Gane. ( Includes $85 kit fee per student) Cost $478

The Art of Mokume Gane

 Class Description:

Mokume Gane is an ancient Japanese technique involving fused layers of differently colored metals that form unique organic patterns. This class begins at the patterning stage - we will be using fused mokume gane blanks (copper/brass included in kit fee, other more exotic silver-containing combinations will be available for purchase in class). This allows us to focus on the most artistic part of mokume gane - unique and expressive pattern development. We will be trying a variety of techniques, from stamping to direct hammering among others. The special considerations for fabricating and finishing mokume gane work will be covered, including soldering and patination. Students can choose to focus on creating multiple patterned samples for inclusion in later work, or create one or more simple finished jewelry pieces. This class is available to all levels, however some experience soldering and working with silver will be helpful. Even advanced jewelers/metalsmiths will benefit from learning these secrets of mokume gane patterning.

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2021 IN PERSON Class, Water Casting and Broom Casting with Linda Lurcott Nov. 6-7 Cost $305 (includes $60 kit fee)


Class on Zoom Platform, Water Casting and Broom Casting with Linda Lurcott  $305


Diane Weimer's studio in Long Beach, CA will present a Water casting and Broom casting class  to  be  IN PERSON  on  Nov 6-7 for a 2-day workshop with Linda Lurcott from 9-4  Cost- $304 (you must pick up the materials to do this technique at my home in Long Beach, a bucket, crucible, stainless steel mesh strainer etc--includes $60  kit fee)

Class description

Water and Broom casting offer a serendipitous technique resulting in truly organic shapes.

In our virtual class we will spend some time pouring our metal.  I suggest sticking with sterling silver, casting grain or scrap. 

Once we have a few pieces of each we can clean them up (pickle, scrub if needed and possibly tumble)..  Then we'll explore design options from our pourings.  Using regular studio equipment we can create some unique pieces as we think about earrings or pendants. The cool part is that no two pieces will be exactly the same. Just like snowflakes or anything in nature the characteristics might be the same yet each piece has its own unique look and appeal!

Water castings turns out like little cups that often resemble a sea shell or nut shape, with a deep enough cavity for an additional element.  I often set a pearl inside the patinated opening. Depending on the weight of silver used the shapes can be small or medium in size.  They make beautiful pendants and earring sets.  These are one of my best selling items.  These are really fun to make as one can see a variety of possibilities once the pieces are collected.  

Broom Casting is a little more daring and somewhat more specific. Daring because the broom really does get burned in the process. So, safety equipment is required.  This is specific in the type of broom/straw and the set up.  So many variables offer a variety of options dependent upon the maker preferences. The shapes that result from broom casting often resemble icicles. I have use broom castings in several ways for pendants, earrings and pins.  Broom castings can be soldered on or to another piece, as well as enameled (fine silver). 

Broom cast pendants often make a unique and stunning statement piece.

Contact me at if you are interested. Do not sign up here

Kit  includes the materials to do the castings like bucket, dowel, crucible, stand, borax, metal spring clamp, mesh strainer .


2022 Forged, Formed & Fabricated Flatware: Making Unique Utensils with Pauline Warg. 4-day January 14,15,16,17 Cost $550


IN PERSON Forged, Formed and Fabricated Flatware: Making Unique Utensils with Pauline Warg.

We will be practicing social distancing and masks.... 7 in the garage studio and 4 in the driveway under an easy  up.

4 days January 14,15,16,17, 2022. 9-4 Coming to Diane Weimer's studio in  Long Beach, CA.... Cost. $550

Contact me at if interested

Forged, Formed and Fabricated Flatware: Making Unique Utensils

Course Description:

Utensils may be treasured keepsakes that enrich our lives and transport nourishment to our bodies. Using a number of different techiniques such as forging and forming a distinctive eating tool ( flatware ) may be made. Students will be shown a variety of ways to approach making a spoon, fork, knife or cocktail server ( condiment or olive fork / pate’ knife).

This class will cover an array of methods to construct, forge and decorate a wide range of tools to help us feed and imbibe. Chasing, stamping, matting forging, using  natural (found) stone, alternative gems setting, cold connections  and resin inlay will all be covered. Students will be encouraged to move beyond what we think of as traditional flatware to create their own heirlooms.

The class will be able to work with silver and non precious metals. It is advised that any metal touching food directly (not the handle) be made of silver. Silver has an antimicrobial quality, as it has been proven to destroy bacterial cells. Cool.


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2020 Daniela Malev April 24,25,26,27, Brooches and Pin Mechanisms Cost-$575~CANCELED~

Daniela Malev is coming to teach a Brooches and Pin Mechanisms 4-day class at Diane Weimer’s studio in Long Beach, CA on April 24, 25, 26, 27, 2020 from 9 to 5pm. Cost- $575

Contact me at if interested

This workshop will initiate and encourage a conscious approach to the design of the brooch back and its mechanisms. The participants are introduced to a variety of pin mechanisms and learn how to realize them technically. They will be guided through exercises on different needle techniques and ways of thinking about what a needle can be and how it can be solved. But moreover the participant will learn and understand the integration of the brooch back and pin mechanism into the whole creative process of making a brooch.

The workshop teaches technical skills but moreover a new way of thinking: a holistic approach to the brooch.

Intermediate and advanced students only.



First Saturday, at Diane Weimer’s Studio

First Saturday, SEND $100 CHECK TO SECURE SPOT

I will hold your check till "day of". If you have cash, I will return your check)



Join us to finish that project that you have been yearning to complete. Your project should be something that you are confident in its construction.

These are the tools and equipment that will be available for open studio.

Ring Expander-Reducer,     Planishing "thumper" hammer,   leg vise,   Irwin vise on stand

Ring Bender     Durston Rolling Mill,   Powder coating oven, Ultrasonic cleaner

3-Acetylene/Air solder stations,  1- Oxy/Propane using a Meco Midget torch  

Buffer (buff/compound not included),    Anvil,    

Stake holders on a base-like stump for your stake whether making a bowl or a forged bracelet, 

Swage block, dapping blocks and punches, Ring, Bezel and Bracelet mandrel,    

  Guillotine shear,    Beverly shear,    Ionic Cleaner (for pearls and turquoise), Tumbler, 

   Magnetic Finisher,   Vises,   Leg Vise, Forming tools,  Bench Pins,   Ott Lites,    Organizers,

Proxxon Drill Press,   

Foredom Flex Shafts (3) (accessories tools not included)   

Individual 3”jaw vises, sand blaster/using a compressor (blasts with glass beads),texture materials (hammers, fabric etc)

First Saturday takes place in Long Beach, during the hours of 9:00am -4 :00 pm and doors open at 8:30.  I have a complete studio (600 sq ft)  see above for itemized list.  Bring your favorite hand tools to use for your project.

Lunch can take place on my covered patio. Relax near the Koi pond with a trickling water feature. Local restaurants and food services are nearby or you can bring your lunch.

You can secure your spot by sending a non–refundable payment of $60. If you cancel, you get your money back if someone will take your place from the wait list.

If you want the 20% off, send the $60 check to secure your spot and then on "day of" bring cash $80 and I will give you back your check.

Contact me at to register

I can accommodate 9 students. Let me know if you are interested by contacting me at