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2018 August Clasps and Hinges with Richard Salley

Description for Clasps and Hinges with Richard Salley

August 25, 26, Sat. Sun from 9am -4pm

Clasps and Hinges will be the focus of a 2-day workshop. We will look at a variety of clasps that you can add to your jewelry for a truly handcrafted closure to your pendants, necklaces and bracelets. No longer will you be limited by commercial catches for your creations.

In addition you will learn several techniques for taking the fear and loathing out of hinge making. Learn to construct perfectly aligned, no fail hinges

Price includes a $25 kit... AS OF Jan. 8 TWO SPOT  REMAIN

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First Saturday, at Diane Weimer’s Studio

First Saturday, SEND $100 CHECK TO SECURE SPOT

I will hold your check till "day of". If you have cash, I will return your check)



Join us to finish that project that you have been yearning to complete. Your project should be something that you are confident in its construction.

These are the tools and equipment that will be available for open studio.

Ring Expander-Reducer,     Planishing "thumper" hammer,   leg vise,   Irwin vise on stand

Ring Bender     Durston Rolling Mill,   Powder coating oven, Ultrasonic cleaner

3-Acetylene/Air solder stations,  1- Oxy/Propane using a Meco Midget torch  

Buffer (buff/compound not included),    Anvil,    

Stake holders on a base-like stump for your stake whether making a bowl or a forged bracelet, 

Swage block, dapping blocks and punches, Ring, Bezel and Bracelet mandrel,    

  Guillotine shear,    Beverly shear,    Ionic Cleaner (for pearls and turquoise), Tumbler, 

   Magnetic Finisher,   Vises,   Leg Vise, Forming tools,  Bench Pins,   Ott Lites,    Organizers,

Proxxon Drill Press,   

Foredom Flex Shafts (3) (accessories tools not included)   

Individual 3”jaw vises, sand blaster/using a compressor (blasts with glass beads),texture materials (hammers, fabric etc)

First Saturday takes place in Long Beach, during the hours of 9:00am -4 :00 pm and doors open at 8:30.  I have a complete studio (600 sq ft)  see above for itemized list.  Bring your favorite hand tools to use for your project.

Lunch can take place on my covered patio. Relax near the Koi pond with a trickling water feature. Local restaurants and food services are nearby or you can bring your lunch.

You can secure your spot by sending a non–refundable payment of $60. If you cancel, you get your money back if someone will take your place from the wait list.

If you want the 20% off, send the $60 check to secure your spot and then on "day of" bring cash $80 and I will give you back your check.

Contact me at to register

I can accommodate 9 students. Let me know if you are interested by contacting me at



2018 September IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT: EXPLORE/EXPAND/EXCEL with Torch-Fired Enameling with Anne Havel

Description: Torch Fire Enamel with Anne Havel

Four Days- September 14,15,16,17, 2018

Using a torch, various methods of line creation and imagery within your enamel piece will be demonstrated. By applying successive layers of liquid, acrylic, transparent or opaque powdered enamels, techniques such as sgraffito, graphite, sifting, firescale, acid-etching, painting, and more, will be covered. Additionally, under/maturity/& over-firing are utilized in building and preserving drawings and layers in the final piece. Cold-connection and minimal soldering options for your piece(s) can be discussed.


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2018 October Drawing On Metal with Deb Karash

 Drawing On Metal with Deb Karash for Four Days.

October 12, 13, 14, 15, 2018,  Fri- Mon.

Drawing Color on Metal with Deb Karash

Who doesn’t want to add a little color to their jewelry, or maybe your own patterns and images? This class will focus on Deb's technique for drawing on metal with colored pencils. Learn to add color and excitement to your work with my special technique, In this 4-day class. In this 4-day class you should finish at least one pendant and several sample pieces. All levels welcome.

 Costs $675

Contact me at for information about sending me the payment. Do not buy it here.



2018 November Titanium and Fused Argentium Bracelet by Robert Lopez Nov. 2,3,4

Titanium and Fused Argentium Bracelet by Robert Lopez Nov. 2,3,4

Three day workshop focusing on heat treating titanium to obtain an attractive and durable crystalline structure. The heat treatment can achieve vibrant colors including gold, magenta, purples and blues. 

We will also cover the benefits of working with tarnish resistant Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium is a silver alloy that is whiter and brighter than traditional sterling and can be annealed softer and hardened beyond traditional sterling.  We will be fusing Argentium silver granules and multiple gauges of wire to create a freeform and organic structure, enabling us to cut back on solder joints.

I will also instruct students on the process and benefits of constructing a thick wall bezel for setting a cabochon. The workshop will also cover texturing, soldering, riveting (joining silver to titanium) to form the finished cuff, patina, roller printing, forming and finishing.

If interested contact me at to register. DO NOT REGISTER HERE.


2019 January 25,26,27 class -Contemporary Filigree by Valentina Caprini

2019 Contemporary Filigree by Valentina Caprini

Dates: Jan. 25, 26, 27, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Cost: $560


In the three days of this intensive course, you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of one of the most ancient techniques in jewelry, learning step by step every phase to realize a Filigree jewelry piece.

Starting from the twisting technique of metal wires, you will discover the endless possibilities of weaving, and intertwining and filling in the wire. Under the guidance of the teacher, every student will have the possibility to create a wearable piece working the silver with special hand-made pliers, in order to ‘weave’ an unique jewel, interlacing a centuries-old technique with your own unique hand trait.

What is more the knowledge of the traditional technique, every student will be followed personally through a creative process, focused on empowering each unique artistic language. Inspiring exercises and imaginative activities will help the students to develop original ideas in the making of a contemporary and unusual Filigree piece of jewelry

Contact me at if interested.


2019 -February Class 4 Day Captures class with Andy Cooperman

2019 - 4 Day Captures class with Andy Cooperman

Dates: Feb. 8, 9,10,11 Friday-Monday  $650


The Original Imaginative Captures

 Got a stone, enamel sample or little found treasure that’s been lying on your bench just waiting for a great way to be used in something? This information-packed workshop can help you develop new, elegant, more fully integrated setting (capturing) solutions and break down some of the rigid walls that exist between ideas, process and materials.

 We’ll liberate the problem solver within, examine the why’s along with the how’s and explore a variety of tricks, studio tips and some really bad jokes. Among the topics demonstrated and discussed: cold connecting, caging, back setting, the flex shaft and advanced soldering techniques.

 Participants must have basic jewelry skills and a familiarity with tools and studio equipment. Required skills include drilling with the flex shaft machine, sawing, filing, silver soldering and basic bezel setting. Students should have experience with: the rolling mill, torches, hammers, buffers, etc. Those who enroll must be able to solder unattended.

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Cost: $650



2019 March class - Embellishing Jewelry with Handmade Prong Settings with Joanna Gollberg

TITLE: Embellishing Jewelry with Handmade Prong Settings

Dates: March 15,16,17 Friday-Sunday


Through fabrication methods and proper soldering techniques, students will learn how create a wire prong setting to trap objects in their jewelry. We’ll also learn a variety of soldering techniques (such as sheet & wire applique, open filigree wire work, and simple kinetics) which will help students add surprising and delightful details to their work. Many other short cuts, tips & tricks, and techniques will be covered as we go along! Soldering small to large components will be a major part of this class. Students should be prepared with ideas of jewelry designs they want to complete or the instructor can give assignments.

Please note: We will only be using a torch with two gases in this class, such as the Smith Little Torch of the Meco torch. Be prepared to have a mind-blowing experience time working with this tool!

Contact to register.

Cost: $465


2019 April class - Forged Bracelet on a Stake Using a Stump with Pauline Warg

2019 Forged Bracelet on a Stake Using a Stump with Pauline Warg

Dates: April 13,14,  Saturday -  Sunday- $295

 Forging is a wonderful way of discovering the plasticity of metal.  In this class students will learn how to change the shape and dimension of heavy gauge silver or copper rod to create a multi dimensional cuff or bangle bracelet.  Through this process students will grow to understand how to gain control of hammers to derive at a desired shape other than what form the rod was initially.  Other decorative finishing touches will be shown and covered.

We seldom get a chance to learn to use a T-stake for forging a bracelet. This  bracelet will be forged on a stump using a stake. A new technique for some of us to create a bracelet.

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2019 Beginning Cloisonne' with Sheryl Haupt , May 4-5, 2019 Sat. Sun.

Description Cloisonne  with Sheryl Haupt

Date: May 4-5,  Saturday and Sunday

 In this beginner 2-day cloisonné enamel workshop, you will learn the basics of enameling on fine silver.  You will create a beautiful cloisonné enamel from start to finish.  You will learn how to prepare the silver, bend and shape the cloisonné wire, apply and fire transparent enamels and how to finish the piece to get it ready to put into a setting.  No prior experience is necessary.

Cost- $295


2019 August class Beginning Engraving and Graver Use with Les Bryant

2019 Beginning Engraving and Graver Use with Les Bryant

Dates: Aug. 16,17,18  Friday- Sunday

To be announced

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2019 Sept. class -Chasing Repousse' with Liza Nechampkin

2019 Chasing Repousse' with Liza Nechampkin

Dates: Sept. 21-22, Saturday-Sunday


“Chasing and Repousse

Intensive 2 day"with Liza Nechampkin

Students will gain a working knowledge of chasing through detailed demonstrations, experimentation and different assignments. This class will equip students to further explore chasing with confidence and to fluidly express their own aesthetics through chasing.

 Students will try out a large variety of antique and new chasing tools. We will discuss the functions and limitations of each type of tool.

 Fundamental tool making skills are crucial and will be discussed. We will briefly talk about properly formed chasing tools.

 Several design layout/transfer techniques will be presented and important core chasing techniques will be covered.  We’ll do a test piece for warm up and move on to a final design of your choice. I will provide plenty of clip art tailored for your individual skills and tastes. Your time will be better spent chasing than drawing during this 2 day class.

 We will also discuss pitch bowls and hammers, pitch types and compositions, safely working with hot pitch, tips and tricks and how to correctly prepare and fill a pitch bowl.

Images of historic and contemporary chasing will be presented for inspiration.  I encourage you to bring some pictures of your work to share.

 Cost: $299

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