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2018 Surfaces with Andy Cooperman



Feb. 9,10,11, 2018,  Fri. Sat. Sun.

(Kit-$25, included )

Creative Surface Development- Andy Cooperman

Tired of the same old surfaces? Want a chance to develop some new ones? Here’s your chance.

Next to form, the surface of an object may be what most defines it and gives it depth and character. But it seems that we so often come to rely on a handful of basic textures rather than developing our own creative surfaces.

The goal of this fun and fast-paced 3-day class is to fix that, to uncover new ways to consider surface. Through play (it’s not a dirty word) and experimentation, we’ll develop a series of sample “flash cards”, each accompanied by detailed notes about just how the surface was produced, so that it can be replicated for future application. Then, using some of the surfaces discovered, participants will build a brooch or pendant. A simple but elegant brooch finding system will be demonstrated.

This class focuses on heat-generated surfaces as well as rolled, hammered and abraded finishes. Discussion includes using natural surfaces as source material as well as how and when to apply surface texture during the construction of a piece. Bring a sense of play, an open mind and a sharp pencil- there are sure to be lots of tips and tricks.

Cost-TBA in Nov




Joanna Gollberg

2018 Rings Workshop with Joanna Gollberg


March 16,17,18, 2018 , 3-day Fri., Sat. Sun., 9-4pm


Rings Class Description

In this class we will learn about making lots of different kinds of rings using the Little torch. We will discuss sizing for production and one-of-a-kinds as well as figuring out the right length of metal for the correct ring size. Students might make kinetic rings, rings with stone settings, textured rings, hollow rings, cold-connected rings, all kinds of rings! The class will be focused on making the rings YOU want to make, with tips, tricks, suggestions offered by the instructor.

Start a Pinterest board NOW with rings you like, rings that inspire you, and rings that make you wonder how they are made! Share the board with me ahead of time, if you want me to take note of the things you are interested in doing. I’m registered as JoannaGollberg.

Cost to be announced in Dec. 2017




Tiny Spoons with Deb Jemmott



August 19-20 from 9-4pm


Tiny Spoons

Deb Jemmott   2017

I love using utensils I made for serving Thanksgiving dinner. I love even more using them every day – the coffee scoop with the heat textured copper handle, the tongs that pick up ice, tid-bits or salad. There is something very special about serving food with a hand made utensil. I have always called these pieces “table jewelry”. Creating them is like making a brooch for a spoon to wear!

 In this class, I will teach you three different techniques I have developed to make wonderful, one-of-a-kind tableware. You will learn to work with Sta-Brite solder to both appliqué your own creations to stainless steel flatware as well as create pieces that are more elaborately integrated with their stainless steel parts. For the third technique, I will show you how to form a silver spoon bowl from sheet metal and attach that to a handle. These techniques can be adapted to make a salt spoon, a baby spoon or a serving spoon – or even a small fork or pate knife.

 Working on a handle, rather than jewelry, can be a very freeing design exercise – and a great opportunity to use those metal “treasures” you have been saving for something special, but aren’t quite right for jewelry. If you don’t have any of your own, I will have some metal pieces you can work with. But look through your “incomplete” box – anything that would make a fun brooch would make a great handle.

 We will be using pre-fabricated stainless steel for the actual serving part of the utensil. One utensil is provided (I have spoons/forks/knives/ etc.) and more are available for $1-$5 each. If you want to bring your own pieces, look for a shape and style you want to work with. I recommend that you scour thrift stores, Target or the 99¢ Store. Sterling silver pieces could also work, but silver plate does NOT work well.

 Material Fee: $25.00 – Includes on stainless steel utensil, copper and red brass materials to solder onto the handle, flex shaft tools, use of other specialty tools and solder. Pay materials fee to Deb at the time of the workshop.

Cost- $255  (includes $25 materials fee)













Victoria Lansford

Granulation with Victoria Lansford

Oct. 7-8, 2017 (2-day) 9-4pm

In this intensive two-day workshop learn to fuse sterling silver and 18K gold granules and wire in the manner of the ancient Etruscans, Egyptians, and Greeks. This straightforward method provides immediate gratification with very little clean up! Create traditional or contemporary patterns, while fabricating a small pendant and a ring.

The techniques for wire appliqué on sheet, as well as the ability to fuse metal before forming or soldering, provide endless opportunity for stylization and individual design.

Victoria Lansford is a master metalsmith and has been featured on Home & Garden Television and, demonstrating this unique approach to granulation. This class will be an exclusive opportunity to learn her process in person as Victoria teaches only a limited number of workshops, each year.

This class is full.


Marne Ryan

Fusing the Metal for the Jellyfish Silver Bell Ornament or a Project of your Choice with Marne Ryan

Date .....NEW DATE

Nov. 11-12 (2 day) 9-4pm


Ring in the Season and help the Angels get their wings by making a Jellyfish bell ornament

 This workshop will cover sheet and wire fusing. Students will then use their textured sheet to make discs to construct a bell. They will also learn how to make washers out of flat wire and stick soldering. 

If the bell ornament is not your choice, Marne will help you with your chosen project.

Sterling Silver  will be available for purchase at the workshop for fusing.