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Diane Weimer

2024 April 19,20,21 Fred Zweig Fibula class at Diane Weimer studio in Long Beach, CA Cost- $480

2024 April 19,20,21 Fred Zweig Fibula class at Diane Weimer studio in Long Beach, CA Cost- $480

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2024 April 19,20,21   Fred Zweig will be teaching Fibulas at Diane Weimer studio in Long Beach, CA. Cost- $480 

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The fibula is the cornerstone for many modern brooch designs
and though ancient it holds up in contemporary jewelry. There
is an unequaled delight in creating an item of body ornament
from a single piece of metal.

In this workshop we will explore the varied possibilities of
creating fibulae from the most simple to the more complex.
Each student will create and complete several brooches based
on the fibula. There will be an emphasis on clean and creative work and I hope all will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how fibulae can benefit their own designs.

This class will also explore the plasticity of metal under the
blows of a hammer. It is important to understand the
ergonomics of wielding a hammer so as not to create fatigue
and stress on the arms and body. To watch the
transformation of metal yielding under the force of the
hammer is one of the most miraculous and freeing
experiences in metalsmithing.

Forging is one of the most rewarding metal processes providing direct contact with the material.

I will also be demonstrating a forging technique I call “Cheap Thrill”.

                              Fred Zweig

  Self taught metalsmith practicing since the early 1970’s.

 Has been involved with teaching others for nearly 40yrs and has a sincere passion for the process of metalworking and all of it’s traditions and possibilities.

His desire to give homage to those who proceeded him and his desire for information have led him to moderate several historical metal forums including the Society of American Silversmiths and Society of Arts & Crafts website.

 A creative innovator of materials and tools to create unique designs Fred has attended and assisted in many workshops in metal and other media.

 He is currently involved in forging neck collars for retailers and producing a line of unique pins and pendants using techniques he has developed.

 Teaching is a natural extension of his desire to share with others what he knows and fall into his desire to “Show and Tell”


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