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Diane Weimer

Fold formed Fine Silver Pendant/ Necklace

Fold formed Fine Silver Pendant/ Necklace

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Graceful fold formed fine silver pendant with forged sterling silver wire. Matte bead blasted finish. (15 strand commercial necklace extra)


30ga fine silver fold formed sheet, 12 ga sterling silver round wire, 6mm ID tube chain holder on the back, commercial 15 strand necklace

Without the necklace cost $325


3-3/8" (85mm)  X  2" (50mm)

The "WHY" I guess I can explain it this way.

My hands form the gentle waves of thin, fine silver which remind me of rippling fabric. By the time I am done I have pulled and pushed the metal, and  slapped it against the table edge, till the design pleases me. I look at the finished sketch and see movement then a stretch of calm or rest. Unknowingly, I often transition into a peaceful sweep aiming toward a stone or a forged wire. I feel my life has been dominated by these groundswells, since my husband’s death in 2013. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they feature in my designs.


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