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Diane Weimer

OPEN STUDIO JUNE 22, JULY 13, 27, AUG. 10, 24

OPEN STUDIO JUNE 22, JULY 13, 27, AUG. 10, 24

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JUNE 22, JULY 13, JULY 27, AUG. 10, AUG 24, 


   A minimum of 3 students are required to have the open studio that day. I WILL LET YOU KNOW ONCE THERE ARE AT LEAST 3 STUDENTS WHO HAVE SIGNED UP

These are the tools and equipment that will be available for open studio.

Ring Expander-Reducer,     Planishing "thumper" hammer,   leg vise,   Irwin vise on stand

Ring Bender     Durston Rolling Mill,   Powder coating oven, Ultrasonic cleaner

3-Acetylene/Air solder stations,  1- Oxy/Propane using a Meco Midget torch  

Buffer (buff/compound not included),    Anvil,    

Stake holders on a base-like stump for your stake whether making a bowl or a forged bracelet, 

Swage block, dapping blocks and punches, Ring, Bezel and Bracelet mandrel,    

  Guillotine shear,    Beverly shear,    Ionic Cleaner (for pearls and turquoise), Tumbler, 

   Magnetic Finisher,   Vises,   Leg Vise, Forming tools,  Bench Pins,   Ott Lites,    Organizers,

Proxxon Drill Press,   

Foredom Flex Shafts (3) (accessories tools not included)   

Individual 3”jaw vises, sand blaster/using a compressor (blasts with glass beads),texture materials (hammers, fabric etc)

 Select which date you want:

____JUNE 22, ___JULY 13, ___JULY 27,___ AUG. 10 ,__ AUG 24

               PayPal accepted.  PayPal (They will charge a fee),


Liability Waiver:OPEN STUDIO”

             Make checks payable to Diane Weimer

         OPEN STUDIO=

If the OPEN STUDIO is cancelled, postponed or date changed for any reason the amount paid is fully refundable.


I give permission to Diane Weimer to take photographs while participating in this activity for use in future publicity and that I will not receive any compensation for such use.I certify that I have read and understand this waiver and release as it applies

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