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Workshop Review

Workshop Review

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Dear Diane,

I'd like to share my admiration and appreciation for the way you have set up workshops and the great teachers you bring in.  I'm self-taught but decided to take a couple of workshops presented by my friend, and Master Goldsmith Ronda Coryell.  I do recommend your facility when people in California ask about where they can learn new techniques because: 1. You bring in truly expert teachers, often in quite specialized techniques. 2. You are set up with great tools and plenty of workstations for each student.  3. All-day study is far better than an hour or two at a time. 4. The class sizes are small, the setting is convivial. I've not been one to take classes, but I enjoyed the 2 I've taken so far and plan to take more. A great asset, affordable and of worth the time. kindest wishes,

Marianne Hunter


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